View Session Recordings in Crisp

The simplest way to add session recordings to your website, via Understand your user's journey with each support request.

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Standard Features

Record Unlimited* Sessions & Users

Desktop & Mobile Device Recording

Affordable Monthly Fee

100% Private by default

Easy to Use

No need for another tool. Add Session Recordings to, and you'll see every user session each time you open a conversation.

  • Lists all recordings in
  • Works for visitors and users

Save Unlimited* Recordings

Simple, easy-to-understand pricing. Store unlimited* recordings, and access them every time you open a Crisp chat conversation.

  • Adds context for every customer question
  • Solve problems faster

Designed for Privacy

Automatic Redaction

12 types of sensitive information are automatically redacted, like emails & credit card numbers.

No Personal Data

No personally-identifiable information is stored in our systems or alongside session recordings.

GDPR + EU Storage

All data is stored in the EU, and via integration with Crisp, no additional GDPR considerations are required.

See it in Action!

After installation, every Crisp conversation will have a list of session recordings in the widget area.

When clicked, a session recording opens in a modal window, and you can see your user's journey through your website.

Once you add the plugin to Crisp, a settings page allows you to configure the script on your website. Installation instructions are included for various web platforms.

We have a number of privacy features, including automatic redaction of sensitive information, redaction of all input values, and special classes you can add to your website to redact additional fields.

Easy to Install

Sign up in seconds from, and install the Instant Replay plugin.

Easy and affordable plans for everyone

Start off quickly and easily, with options to grow as your usage increases.

Basic Plan


/ Month

  • 15,000 Sessions / Month
  • GDPR-Ready Session Recordings
  • Smart Redaction functions

Additional Sessions


/ 100k Sessions / Month

  • 100,000 Additional Monthly Sessions
  • Over a 50% discount per session
  • All Features included

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Potentially-sensitive user inputs are redacted automatically, and session recordings store the same kinds of information you might find in server logs or any standard analytics tool. We strip all personally-identifiable information from our recordings and metadata.

Crisp stores all your sensitive user data.

All data related to session recordings is redacted and stored in the EU, including related databases, cloud storage, and server processing.

IP addresses are completely redacted to preserve user privacy. Crisp provides location and browser data for each user.

Yes! You can add special classes to elements like .redact or .do-not-record to prevent sensitive data from being captured in your app.

Instant Replay communicates with Crisp to link your users and visitor session identifiers together, so each time you open a conversation in Crisp, you'll see all of the previous recordings for a particular visitor or user.

Yes! You can view your user's mobile sessions.

However, 3rd party Crisp plugins (to view recordings) are not available from the Crisp iOS app at this time.

No. Users with a modern device or web browser should notice no visible impact from the session recording process, and it does not rely on sending and receiving a large amount of data to function.

Session Recording costs $39 per month, billed through Crisp. This includes 15,000 sessions per month. Additional sessions can be purchased for $100 per 100k sessions per month (no contract).

We store your recording data for at least 3 months, but typically 6 months.

Install Crisp Plugin

Install the Crisp plugin in just a few clicks, and see recordings of every visitor to your website in Crisp.

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